Bicycle Law Enforcement

For bicyclist safety

For bicyclist safety

Enforce Laws with Mutual respect-Law and Order Magazine (Jul 2013)

"Bicycle Tourists Generating $88M Annually" in AZ

from Flagstaff Business News

Living Large and Driving Less

What makes a community livable? How about getting rid of cars? By Tom Vanderbilt in Sierra Magazine (July/August 2011)


Thanks BBC for the video - So why is it our elected leaders in Flagstaff, within AZ and the public servants at ADOT actively oppose this Dutch type of safe cycling transportation?

Group pace ride - Winter time/day

Sunday  9:30AM

Meet JWPowell Blvd and Lake Mary RD

Snowbowl HC 2014 - CAT 3

Snowbowl HC 2014 - CAT 3

Safe Passing Laws

Arizona requires that, when overtaking and passing a bicycle proceeding in the same direction, a person driving a motor vehicle shall exercise due care by leaving a safe distance between the motor vehicle and the bicycle of not less than three feet until the motor vehicle is safely past the overtaken bicycle.

Source: Ariz. Rev. Stat. §28-735





Photos from the Deschute Brewery - Mormon Lake Road Race by Sansai Photography



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Kyle Hornbeck

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  • Saturdays 9AM PAY N TAKE  Race Pace group ride
  •  Group Ride 
  • Sunday 9:30AM Meet JWP Blvd and Lake Mary RD Group pace ride

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